Fine Options

PHEP provides opportunities for individuals to work off fines issued through the Provincial Court system. The Fine Option Program is not an alternative to sentencing but gives people the opportunity to settle fines by doing unpaid, supervised community service work rather than paying in cash. For each hour you work, you will earn a credit toward your fine at the current minimum wage rate.  If you work only a portion of your fine, the balance owing can be paid in cash to avoid further consequences. As a Fine Option Agency, we will assign suitable community service work to people who register to settle fines under the program.

What to do if you want to sign up for Fine Option:

Take your fine notice to our Fine Option Agent, Melvin Pritchard, at our Operations Office at 33 Foster St. Once registered, you will be placed at one of our locations across the city and Melvin will work with you to schedule times to work off your fine.