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A: Go to our City Map to see how the city is divided for curbside recycling pick-up.

A: Click HERE for our printable list of recyclables.

A: Yes! Canadian Tire has 21L (tinted green) and 34L (clear) bags are the size of your average kitchen garbage bag and can be used for curbside recycling.

A: You may purchase bags at any retail store of your choice. (eg. Wal-Mart, Superstore, Zellers, etc.) The recycling bags are located in the same aisle as standard garbage bags.


  • If you pay a City of Yorkton water bill, you may notice that there is a $10 recycling levy on your residential water bill. Since billing occurs every 2 months, the total fee is $5 per month.
  • Of that $5 fee, $3 goes to the Saskatchewan Abilities Council for processing the recyclable material collected, and $2 goes to helping PHEP function on a daily basis.
  • If you break the $2 fee down, it works out to 50¢ per recycling pick up. (See below to find out what other Cities pay)


  • Saskatoon’s curbside recycling is $189 (annually) with biweekly pick-up, or $7.26 per recycling pick-up. If you would like to recycle extra volume, it is $5 extra per month.
  • Regina’s curbside recycling is $115.50 (annually) with a biweekly pick up, or $4.44 per recycling pick-up.
  • Moose Jaw’s curbside recycling is $151.20 (annually) with a biweekly pick-up, or $5.81 per recycling pick up.
  • Prince Albert’s curbside recycling is $120.75 (annually) with a biweekly pick up, or $4.64 per recycling pick-up.
  • Yorkton’s curbside recycling is $24 (annually) with a weekly pick up, or 50¢ per recycling pick-up.

A: If you currently have a blue bin, you may keep it for use in your home. As of November 2010, we no longer pick up blue bins.


  • Place all paper products in one clear bag (cut cardboard, box board, newsprint, white paper, paper bags, envelopes, toilet paper rolls, etc.)
  • Place all other household material together in another bag.
  • (tin, glass, plastic, beverage containers)

A: They go in the household material bag. Because of its plastic coating, juice boxes and tetra packs are not considered a paper product.


  • Yes! That is part of the reason that we switched to the bag system – to allow more flexibility as far as the volume of recycling material allowed for each household.
  • Please recycle regularly to avoid accumulation, but if you do happen to have lots of recycling one week (because of a holiday or special occasion) that is acceptable. If you are finding that you are using more than 2 bags of recycling on a weekly basis, you may want to consider switching to a larger size of recycling bag.

A: Please take any accumulated material directly to the Kinsmen Recycling Centre. If you only have few items, they can be added to your regular recycling, but we discourage people from putting out large amounts of recycling at one time

A: You may take your recycling to one of the Multi-Unit Bins, directly to the Kinsmen Recycling Centre, or store your materials until your next collection day.


  • We ask that our customers make every effort to have their recyclables out by 8:00 AM. Even though you may notice the driver comes by on collection at a certain time in the day, our routes are constantly changing.
  • Make sure that you have your material visible by the curb (not on the step or tucked away behind something).
  • Read our Recycling Card carefully to make sure your items are sorted and prepared properly, and that your bag does not contain items we do not accept.
  • All of your paper products should be in a separate bag from your other household material
  • Please have shredded paper tied up in an old grocery bag and placed on top of the bag containing your other paper recyclables.
  • All boxes MUST be flattened.


  • If your bags were not out for 8 AM and you were missed, your bags will be collected on the next scheduled collection day.
  • That being said, the recycling bus services the whole city and occasionally houses do get missed. (See Above) Each day we service a different section of the city, and we do not re-do areas already serviced. Therefore, if we missed you, do not leave your recycling out without first calling our Administration Office (786-1840).
  • On occasion, due to bad weather or mechanical issues, the curbside recycling schedule will be delayed from its regular routine. Please do not call the Administration Office to report missed pick up until at least 4:00 p.m. on your collection day.

A: No, we do not pick up recycling on statutory holidays. If a holiday lands on your recycling day, your pick up will skip one week and your recycling will not be picked up the next day.

A: No. Every year curbside recycling pick up does not run the week in between Christmas and New Year’s. You can feel free to take your recycling to the community bins, or directly to the Kinsmen Recycling Centre during this week. For their holiday hours contact them at 782-4213. Curbside pick-up will resume on the week following New Year’s Day.

A: In order for us to keep the cost of this service as low as possible for our customers, we need to be efficient at your curb when collecting your material. Sorting your paper from your other household materials helps us to cut down on the amount of time that we spend collecting materials, which in turn cuts down on labour costs.

A: Cardboard is corrugated material. If you look at it from the side, you will see one layer of paper, a layer of wavy paper, and another layer of paper. Boxboard is only one layer of paper. Examples of boxboard are cereal boxes, Kleenex boxes, etc.

A: The only time that we do not collect recycling is if it is -40 degrees Celsius without the wind-chill or if there is a major blizzard. When it is raining or snowing please do not put your bags up by your house or put anything over the bags that may prevent the drivers from seeing it. Bags must be visible at the curb.

A: YES! Your personal information is what identity thieves are after. We suggest that you shred any documents that contain personal information (date of birth, full name, address, SIN number, financial information, junk mail, passwords, etc.) before sending it with your recycling.

A: We accept all plastics with the numbers 1 – 7 found on the bottom in the recycle triangle. This includes all household plastics, for example: ketchup & mustard containers, margarine, yogurt, shampoo, laundry, milk cartons & jugs plus all grocery/garbage bags. If you have more questions please call our Administration Office at 786-1840. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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