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About Us
Program Description

At Prairie Harvest Employment Program, our target is to help individuals who are facing challenges in their current circumstances that might inhibit them from seeking and retaining employment. Our staff will encourage, model, and promote strong work ethic, attendance, punctuality, and positive relationships as a basis for future employment.

Our program takes a holistic approach to assisting individuals by helping them find stable living situations, recreational activities and educational opportunities.

We target the social and skill development of our participants through practical life skills training, counselling, correction, encouragement and job coaching.

Our goal is to access job placements for each participant with the hope that as they complete the program, they are able to walk into an occupation in the community with the skills and abilities needed to retain employment.

Background History

In June of 2004, Prairie Harvest Employment Program (PHEP) was created and funded through a partnership of Prairie Harvest Christian Life Center Inc. and Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). The project was initiated to meet the needs of a growing population of “at risk” youth in our community. PHEP spent the first year and a half of its operations painting garages, cleaning garbage from Yorkton’s streets, undertaking construction/demolition jobs, and completing other odd jobs in Yorkton.

In December 2005, PHEP initiated Yorkton’s Curbside Recycling Program by receiving funding from the Painted Hand Community Development Corporation to purchase 400 residential blue bins to kick-start a pilot project that has developed into a partnership with The Federation of University Women, the Saskatchewan Abilities Council and the City of Yorkton.

In March 2006 the City Council approved the residential recycling levy to support the operational costs of curbside recycling, creating long-term sustainability of PHEP’s curbside recycling program for the residents of the City of Yorkton. The Curbside Recycling Program delivers approximately 290 tonnes of recyclable material each year to the Kinsmen Recycling Centre (KRC)! Because the material from the Curbside Recycling Program has already been sorted and readied for baling, it decreases waiting time and labour for the Kinsmen Recycling Centre.

The backbone of PHEP activity is the Curbside Recycling Program. This makes Yorkton and its residents the primary beneficiaries of this service, as half of the cost to collect the recyclable material is currently subsidized by the federal and provincial governments.

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